Paul Ilado

Regarded as a steadfast champion of ethical journalism, Paul Ilado brings over two decades of experience to his role as Group Head of Content for Radio Africa. A born storyteller, Ilado cut his teeth in Radio Africa where he began as an intern and rose through the ranks to his current position. Holding both a communications degree and masters in strategic communication from the University of Nairobi, he applies careful analysis paired with natural Charisma.

Described as calmly authoritative yet approachable, Ilado has navigated many challenges in his illustrious career. As a result, he possesses a deft political sensibility and understands the delicate balance between fair informing and sparking productive civic dialogues.

Beyond steering Radio Africa’s diverse array of products ranging from radio, digital and newspaper (the Star), Ilado lends his expertise to bodies like Kenya’s Editors; Guild and the presidential debates team. He believes the media’s duty is holding truth to power through both watchdog reporting as well as community building.

Under Ilado’s visionary guidance, the organization continues setting the pace for multi-platform storytelling in Kenya. With his blend of editorial acumen, diplomacy and passion for people, he is sure to lead Radio Africa into an ever brighter future of inclusive, impact-driven storytelling.