Simaloi Dajom

Simaloi Dajom is a media expert with two decades of experience leading strategy, people, content and operations for top media organizations, including the most consumed media station in Kenya.

She has been instrumental in the growth and transformation of 50+ media brands In Kenya & Africa. She has successfully trained, managed and mentored 700+ media personalities, journalists, editors & station managers in Kenya and across Africa

Her media training expertise cuts across audience attraction and retention strategies, winning content & talent development, media sustainability & viability strategies, digital transformation, media monetization & revenue diversification strategies in a fast changing audience, business & digital landscape, spanning community, national and international media scope.

Simaloi has been awarded the Kenya Top 40 Under 40 Women in Kenya, in honor of her impact in the media industry.  She is a sought after media & leadership trainer, consultant, mentor, author & speaker.